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We're a creative europe funded collaboration

Fashion Alive is a Creative Europe funded project, consisting of partners from four European countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria). We will be collaborating to promote sustainable practices in the creative fashion industry via attractive events that engage wider audiences, raise awareness and ignite a discussion on the topic.

experimentation and sustainability

Our partners will conceptualize and experiment with the creation of sustainable fashion methods. Each partner will be working on the topic through a specific approach and methodology, with the results of their work being displayed via  3 non-conventional fashion and arts events that will combine the exhibition/catwalk of the sustainable creations with digital and audio-visual creations, as well as other added artistic actions.

The events will take place during 2 different days, as there will be another more participative session with round tables, talks, conferences and public discussions about arts, sustainability, fashion and creativity. We will be providing access to  project developments and results thanks to our online dissemination activities an will be relaying our experiences each step of the way.

CREAMODITE is a Spanish association of ateliers of arts and design, with the main mission of activating and recovering the value of the local creative industries, most notably fashion. 

CREAMODITE offers artistic experiences through unique events, fashion shows and workshops, in which the public and consumers are encouraged to actively participate. Relying on the support of relevant personalities in the world of fashion, including designers, dressmakers, patternmakers, visual and plastic artists, photographers and architects, CREAMODITE also collaborates regularly with fashion institutes, universities, business centers and local trade associations.

Through FASHION ALIVE, the association would like to go further and engage with international partners to provide a holistic combination of sustainable methods together with avant-garde cultural expressions.  CREAMODITE brings their expertise in the Zero Waste Fashion field and combines their knowledge of artistic direction and event management (as well as choreography) in performances and conceptualisation.

The CREAMODITE methodology will explore the Zero Waste Fashion concept by developing a patternmaking technique that aims at reducing the garment’s waste towards zero by generating pattern silhouettes that are not pre-defined by the body shape, thus easing the cutting and dressmaking processes.

The Department of Textile Engineering at the School of Engineering at the CENTRO DE CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA TÊXTIL DA UNIVERSIDADE DO MINHO in Guimaraes (Portugal) has been developing research activities in the area of Fibrous Material Engineering and Design for a few decades now. Their main objective has been to enhance the competitive position of the European industries by building a knowledge base on science and technology of fibrous materials and processes.

At FASHION ALIVE, UMINHO will focus on the surface design from post-consumer clothing disposal and their use in experimental clothing design. Following these principles, a series of experimental designs will be carried out throughout the project, which will also combine some elements extracted from CREAMODITE and UCAMPANIA techniques.

The UMINHO methodology will explore the creation of fashion elements by using recycled materials coming from second-hand clothes or other sustainable materials. UMINHO techniques will then stem from the concept of Circular Fashion to promote the use of materials that can represent a significant environmental waste reduction for the environment.

UMMINHO IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON circular fashion, FOCUSING on surface design from post-consumer clothing disposal and their use in experimental clothing design.


The Department of Architecture and Industrial Design at the University of Campania carries out, promotes and supports research, basic and applied, in the fields of architecture, industrial design, cultural heritage, urban context, of the government of the territory and of the landscape.  UCAMPANIA possesses a Slow Fashion Thinking considering the fashion industry as a model of social and cultural responsibility, for the manufacture of products based on the promotion of cultural values and a sustainable local supply chain.

In the FASHION ALIVE Project, UCAMPANIA will focus its research on the field of environmental sustainability of the fashion industry in Campania by analyzing handmade manufactures: footwear, men’s tailoring, eco-sustainable leather processing.

In the context of the project, UCAMPANIA will apply an innovative use of advanced digital technologies within the heritage frame of the ancient textile techniques typical from the Campania region.

Moving around a transdisciplinary vision that connects different knowledge – such as contemporary art, textile manipulation, advanced manufacturing processes – the work will investigate an experimental circular fashion system through the hybridization of particular artisanal techniques and software, in order to develop new creative industries. UCAMPANIA will as well create their unique exhibition event at Caserta and organise the pertinent roundtables to discuss hot topics on sustainability, cultural heritage and fashion.

UNICAMPANIA IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON the concept of sustainable heritage, through the hybridization of particular artisanal techniques of the campania region and software, in order to develop new creative industries.

Xsentrik Arts is an Austrian non-profit arts organization  that acts as an interdisciplinary arts platform withi a focus on utilizing the power of storytelling to inspire and create change; promote diversity and equality; advocate sustainable, healthy living solutions and dialogue in lives and spaces. 

XSENTRIK projects focus on utilizing the power of storytelling to inspire and create change; to promote diversity equality; to advocate sustainable, healthy living solutions and dialogue in lives and spaces; and to activate or promote stories, places, people who are engaged in projects that activate or regenerate buildings, communities, and societies. Members of the association come from numerous backgrounds, including culture, applied arts, filmmaking, contemporary architecture and urbanism, computer programming, social work and community outreach. As a result, their work is diverse, and unabashedly combines knowledge and know-how from various fields.

Over the years, XSENTRIK created expose’s on urban space and community based living, documentaries on sustainability and cultural preservation, films on social inclusion and equal opportunity, as well as community projects promoting civic activation and regeneration through community involvement.

XSENTRIKARTS will explore and envisage a digital and audio-visual strategy using technological tools (combining videos, 3-D projections, video mapping software, sounds, lights and music created by artificial intelligence, temporary architecture, etc.) that will be adapted to a live fashion show, showcasing the zero waste fashion concepts developed by our partners.