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Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Fashion

Our Method Design:

Nowadays, the exponential growth in demand in the clothing sector and the resulting harmful environmental consequences have made it essential to recycle textile waste in order to preserve the planet and protect the people living on it.

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Zero Waste Fashion

Fashion Alive is a project dedicated to sustainable fashion. It was born from the spirit of collaboration between people, companies and Universities in the European Union, within the framework of the Creative Europe program.

Its mission is to promote the future of sustainable fashion, studying and developing sustainable fashion design, production and communication standards.

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Biomass is no solution to cleaning up fashion supply chains. Nevertheless… the constraint of this commitment is being met by a more sustainable future and the promise itself, is a positive sign that coal as a source of energy is moving towards extinction in the fashion industry. So, is biomass a true or false solution?

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The world is urging fashion to reconsider its relationship with fossil fuels, but in the past years has been harder than expected. Why? Because doing so would require a shift for an industry accustomed to petroleum-based garments or materials.

Is that possible?

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The Harsh Reality of Fashion Waste

It’s a sobering fact: 87% of the materials used in clothing production ultimately find their way to landfills or are incinerated. Less than 1% of these materials are recycled into new garments. This staggering statistic highlights a critical challenge facing the fashion industry today: efficient and effective waste management and recycling.

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