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The ZWF collection represents the forefront of sustainability. To convey this message, we decided to break the barriers of the traditional runway to communicate in a striking way. Read the full report on Fashion Alive Madrid Day 2


Zero Waste Fashion is a design methodology developed by Creamodite that rethinks conventional design and patternmaking to tackle pre-consumer waste production.

The Zero Waste Fashion collection, showcased at Ateneo de Madrid on May 19, is the result of a 5-year study of design methodologies by designer Gisela Fortuna, director of CREAMODITE.

Maison Mesa joined in 2022 as creative director to revise the designs of the new generation of sustainable fashion and textile designers who participated in the Zero Waste Fashion design and Print Design contests organized by CREAMODITE.


FASHION ALIVE MADRID was not a conventional runway show, in which models paraded designs on a catwalk. 

Instead, it was envisioned as a performance, deconstructing the traditional catwalk concept by incorporating urban and ballet dance performers, models and an innovative light show installation. 

The end result was a disruptive and innovative visual display, channeling the power of artistic expression as an engine to engage the audience in the importance of sustainable fashion. 


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