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Going Green, Going Digital

The Key to Sustainable Fashion's Success!

Through avant-garde showcases and digital engagement strategies, Fashion Alive seeks to inspire and captivate audiences, encouraging them to embrace conscious fashion choices and become part of the movement for a more sustainable fashion industry.


Imagine a world where words weave magical tales, where stories come alive through various artistic expressions – from spoken word to film, theater, and visual arts. This enchanting art, known as storytelling, goes far beyond entertainment; it holds the key to education, cultural preservation, and even social change. Within the heart of Fashion Alive, storytelling emerges as a transformative force, inspiring, challenging perspectives, and uniting diverse audiences in a shared vision of sustainable fashion.

As we step into the realm of Fashion Alive events, the power of storytelling takes center stage. Like a finely crafted thread, it weaves together the values and principles of sustainable fashion, forming an irresistible narrative that captivates and connects every soul attending these remarkable gatherings. Prepare to be spellbound as our partners bring forth a compelling story that resonates deeply with your heart, igniting a passion for a fashion world that embraces consciousness and compassion.

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Storytelling serves to illustrate the broader narrative of fast fashion’s impact on the planet as well as sustainable fashion’s contribution to a better and brighter future. Through compelling narratives, event planners balance raising awareness about the detrimental effects of fast fashion, such as waste generation and pollution, with the sustainable design solutions that show promise in building a path for a more sustainable fashion industry.

By presenting these issues in a storytelling format, attendees are more likely to grasp the urgency and become motivated to support sustainable alternatives.

The sum of these elements is translated into digital engagement strategies designed to create a dynamic and impactful approach, engaging audiences in the realm of sustainability. Each partner tackled different symbolic aspects of sustainable fashion based on their collections’ findings, using visual displays, videos, and interactive exhibits to create immersive experiences that complement the collections.


Zero Waste Fashion represents the forefront of sustainable production methods, because it prevents waste generation from the start via creative design strategies.

The result is a versatile, genderless collection of sustainable garments that balance sharp geometric edges with more soft and deconstructed volumes, materialized in all black fabric, conveying a modern, avant-garde look.

To communicate this, Creamodite based their concept on exploiting the tension between the classical, historic look of Ateneo de Madrid and the modern feel of the collection as a symbol for change and the need to break with conventional patterns to advance sustainability in the fashion industry.

This translated into a digital engagement strategy in the form of a futuristic neon-light show that transforms the classical stage into a futuristic space, creating an environment that represents the avant-garde look and feel of the collection. 

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Uminho set out to develop a collection that re-signifies unused and forgotten garments in their student’s closets, making them desirable again by upcycling into new pieces whilst respecting the essence and memories associated to the original garment, which add value.

This resulted in a joyful, colourful collection achieved through the combination of pre-used garments, where control over the colour palette is at best limited. 

To build a narrative that replays the doomsday journey of most clothes that end up in landfills, re-playing the ending to convey a message of hope for the future in the promise of upcycling. The tension is created by presenting the problem of landfills, literally portrayed in the digital engagement strategy, and reinforced by ephemeral architecture.

Therefore, the high-point of the digital engagement strategy consisted of an introductory concept video that informs the audience of the detrimental effects of fast fashion on the environment, which later mutates into a concept video played in the background while the performance takes place, where the performers will interact with the ephemeral architecture on the floor intervening the space and mimicking waste piles, albeit illuminated by bright colourful lights; and resolved through a joyful, upbeat performance.


Unicampania developed a collection based on re-signifying corredo, through the lens of slow fashion and aimed at a hybridisation of craft techniques, advanced production processes and upcycling to give it new meaning. The end result is a sophisticated collection in all-white, with red and blue accents, that tap into Italy’s made-in phenomenon by exhibiting a sense of style, sophistication and history embued in every design.

Creating a dialogue between cultural heritage and slow fashion with modern, accelerated times, Unicampania based their event concept in examining their coexistence by hybridizing advanced digital techniques and valuable historic traditions portrayed in the designs, to showcase the appeal of individuality and context for sustainable design.

It was presented in a way that emphasizes how cultural heritage is and must be a part of a sustainable fashion future: 

The cloister was intervened with a videomapping projection on the floor of the patio, taking advantage of the space and enriching the experience. Said videomapping incorporated elements of the collection, playing with clocks and lines as a way to symbolize slow fashion. The concept was aided by the addition of an LED wall showcasing concept videos that illustrate the message of the collection.

In all three events, digital engagement strategies were skillfully employed to create a dynamic and impactful approach, immersing audiences in the realm of sustainability.

Each partner tackled different symbolic aspects of sustainable fashion, drawing from their collections’ findings and utilizing visual displays, videos, and interactive exhibits to create mesmerizing experiences that beautifully complemented their creations.

Overall, we firmly believe that weaving storytelling into a multi-disciplinary approach, fusing technology, innovation, arts, and fashion, would captivate attendees and inspire them to question traditional norms while exploring new possibilities for a more sustainable fashion industry.

The culmination of these factors therefore set Fashion Alive events apart from conventional fashion shows, introducing innovations that established a profound and lasting bond with the audience, leaving them enchanted and ready to embrace a brighter future of conscious fashion.

Stay tuned for more updates and backstage content form the shows while we wait for the official Fashion Alive Fashion film, coming soon… 

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