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Allbirds Unveils Design


The net-zero carbon shoe is here! How has Allbirds completely reimagined the way we make a product?
Image: Allbirds

0.0kg CO2e is it possible?

Landmark carbon footprint: 0.0kg CO2e carbon footprint 


Industry average landmark 14 kg CO₂e average 


This is one small footprint for a shoe, and a big step for the shoe industry. So, Allbirds is opening about its most recent shoe, in order to invite others to follow in its footsteps.

How was it born?

The brand Allbirds has created the world’s first net zero carbon shoe, called the M0.0NSHOT. A design made to reimagine the way fashion makes products. 


The creation of this shoe started with SweetFoam®, its first carbon negative material, made in 2018 and in the new foam used in M0.0NSHOT. As well, by 2020, Allbirds became the first fashion brand to label products with carbon footprint and years later… report a partnership with Adizero.  

Adizero x Allbirds was the lowest carbon shoe in the world; and in that year, it only made Allbirds eager to create a net zero carbon shoe.


“Creating a net zero carbon shoe that is commercially viable and scalable is the culmination of our entire back-catalog of work. M0.0NSHOT isn’t a silver bullet for the climate crisis — it’s a proof-point that, when we take sustainability seriously, and are laser focused on carbon reduction, we can make incredible breakthroughs,” –Tim Brown, co-CEO of Allbirds. 

0.0kg CO2e vs 14 kg CO₂e How? When Why?

The achievement Allbirds made to reduce trainers’ footprint was made possible by the next 5 points:

  • Carbon-negative regenerative merino wool upper: Grown on Lake Hawea Station, New Zealand.
  • Carbon-negative sugarcane-based foam midsole: This newly-developed SuperLight Foam boasts 80% bio content, whereas most industry foams are primarily synthetic.
  • Carbon-negative bio-plastic eyelets: They teamed up with Mango Materials to roll out a pioneering new process that uses microorganisms to convert methane*, into a form of polymer that can be shaped like other plastics, without the same carbon footprint that those plastics leave.

          *Methane: the greenhouse gas sheep release when they burp.

  • The most carbon-efficient packaging Allbirds has ever had: This package has been reduced in space and weight and is made with sugarcane derived and carbon negative Green PE.
  • Carbon-conscious transportation: A examined transportation plan, which includes an electric trucking from port to warehouse.
Image: Allbirds

What 's next?

Allbirds has been working for several years to reduce its carbon footprint and now they have changed the industry with the world’s first carbon-neutral shoe. With Moonshot, the company has accomplished a breakthrough by reaching a carbon footprint of 0.0 kg CO2e without leaning on a single carbon reduction. 


“The company has committed itself to reducing the carbon footprint of its products to below one kilogram and its overall footprint to ‘near zero’ by 2030!”- Tim Brown said in an interview to Design Wanted.

Image: Allbirds

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